Friday, January 1, 2010

September 2009 OActivist Compilation

Here's a list of September's published output by members of the OActivist list (most of whom have full-time jobs and only write when time permits): Editorials 1. Paul Hsieh, "The Free Market Is Not Another Form of Rationing", PajamasMedia, Sep 1/09 2. Wendy Milling, "Financial Transparency As An Evil", RealClearMarkets, Sep 8/09 3. Linn and Ari Armstrong, "Restore free market to address preexisting conditions", Grand Junction Free Press, Sep 14/09 4. Ari Armstrong, "Atlas Shrugged relevant for modern times", Longmont Times-Call, Sep 14/09 5. Amit Ghate, "We Need a Return to Principled Government", Sep 15/09 6. Paul Hsieh, "Is Your Doctor Getting Ready to Quit?", PajamasMedia, Sep 18/09 7. Ari Armstrong, "Republican plans for health care reform similar to Obamacare", Colorado Springs Gazette, Sep 20/09 8. Wendy Milling, "H.R. 3200 Will Collapse Global Medicine", RealClearMarkets, Sep 23/09 9. Paul Hsieh, "Health care in Massachusetts: A warning for America", Christian Science Monitor, Sep 30/09 10. Linn and Ari Armstrong, "Fifty Ways to Leave Obama", Grand Junction Free Press, Sep 14/09 Media Appearances 1. Ari Armstrong, Denver 9/12 Rally, Sep 12/09 Citations or Links 1. Paul Hsieh, "The Free Market Is *Not* Another Form of Rationing" on Instapundit, Sep 1/09 2. John Lewis, NCRegister, Sep 20-26/09 Letters to the Editor 1. Alan McKendree, "Marx and UT's core purpose", Daily Texan, Sep 4/09 2. Rob Abiera, "An Obvious Limit", NewsOK, Sep 12/09 3. Doug Krening, "Re: Lead the way, Mr. President", Denver Post, Sep 12/09 4. Jay Robbins, "Health care 'plan' is really just a 'goal' without details", Valley Breeze, Sep 24/09 Note too that this list does not include web comments, letters to congressmen and other politicians, radio show call-ins, etc., all of which actively spread our message and advance our goals. (Disclaimer: All content listed herein is self-identified as "Objectivist", I have not vetted the content, nor do I necessarily agree with all of it.)

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