Tuesday, January 5, 2010

December 2009 OActivist Compilation

Here's a list of December's published output by members of the OActivist list (most of whom have full-time jobs and only write when time permits): Editorials 1. Paul Hsieh, "ObamaCare: Tightening the Noose Around Private Health Care", PajamasMedia, Nov 2/09 2. Linn and Ari Armstrong, "Ralph Carr shows politicians can stand for liberty", Grand Junction Free Press, Dec 21/09 3. John Lewis, "Arbitrary Power, Dictatorship, and Health Care", PajamasMedia, Dec 22/09 4. Monica Hughes, "Animal Fat, Sugar, and Diabetes", Denver Post, Dec 17/09 Letters to the Editor 1. Paul Hsieh, "The Science Behind the IPCC Climate Report Is Sound", Wall Street Journal, Dec 7/09 2. Amesh Adalja, "Not State's Business", Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Dec 2/09 3. Paul Hsieh, "Raising Federal Debt Ceiling", Denver Post, Dec 20/09 4. Nicholas Provenzo, "Generals should uphold law, not find ways around it", USA Today, Dec 21/09 5. Richard Parker, "Is New Health Care Entitlement Really a 'Class Act'?", WSJ, Dec 23/09 6. Michelle Minton, "Court’s ruling on banning cigarettes on stage", Denver Post, Dec 19/09 7. Henry Solomon, untitled, Barron's, Dec 24/09 8. Joseph Kellard, "Buying is a virtue", USA Today, Dec 29/09 9. Justin Blackman, "Senate’s passage of health care reform bill", Denver Post, Dec 29/09 10. Amesh Adalja, "Theocrats More Harmful", Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Dec 30/09 11. Michelle Minton, "No government in the bedroom", LA Times, Dec 28/09 Note too that this list does not include web comments, letters to congressmen and other politicians, radio show call-ins, etc., all of which actively spread our message and advance our goals. (Disclaimer: All content listed herein is self-identified as "Objectivist", I have not vetted the content, nor do I necessarily agree with all of it.)

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