Sunday, March 1, 2009

February 2009 OActivist Compilation

Here's a list of February's published output by members of the OActivist list (most of whom have full-time jobs and only write when time permits): Editorials 1. Linn and Ari Armstrong, "Salazar promotes special-interest warfare", Grand Junction Free Press, Feb 2/09 2. Amit Ghate, "Stop the Assault on Our Public Markets", Capitalism Magazine, Feb 3/09 3. Paul Hsieh, "Obama's Regulatory Chief Believes in Paternalistic Government",, Feb 10/09 4. Linn and Ari Armstrong, "We’re from the government, and we’re here to help you drive", Grand Junction Free Press, Feb 16/09 5. Ari Armstrong, "Food Thoughts", Boulder Weekly, Feb 19/09 6. Paul Hsieh, "America doesn't need a 'health care czar'", DC Examiner, Feb 23/09 Citations or Links 1. Paul Hsieh TOS article in the Heartland Institute's "Mandatory Health Insurance Fails in Theory and in Massachusetts" 2. Paul Hsieh Editorial (6) on Little Green Footballs 3. Ari Armstrong cited in, "Chowing down on Ari Armstrong's low-carb food-stamp diet", Denver Westworld, Feb 11/09. 4. Ari Armstrong cited in, "Double Standard", Rocky Mountain News, Feb 20/09. 5. Ari Armstrong, Colorado 9 News, "Low carb food stamp challenge", Feb 23/09. (TV appearance) Letters to the Editor 1. Amesh Adalja, "Preserve Abortion Rights", Butler Eagle (PA), Feb 4/09 2. John F. Schmidley , "Africa Needs Property Rights, Christian Science Monitor, Feb 11/09 3. Alexander Hrin, "Re: Please Raise My Taxes", NY Times, Feb 10/09 4. Amesh Adalja, "Universal Darwin", Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Feb 11/09 5. Hannah Krening, "LTE", Denver Post, Feb 11/09 6. Roberto Sarrionandia, "Dictators", Daily Mail (UK), Feb 5/09 7. Grant Jones, "LTE", Kansas State Collegian, Feb 20/09 8. Gordon Wood, "They're lazy Christians", Winnipeg Free Press, Feb 14/09 9. Raman Gupta, "Letter of the Week", Avweb, Feb 16/09 10. Paul Hsieh, "Single-payer health care has failed in every other country", Rocky Mountain News, Feb 18/09 11. Paul Hsieh, "Heads they win, tails we lose", Rocky Mountain News, Feb 19/09. 12. Joseph Kellard, "Re: Can We Spend Our Way to Recovery?", NY Times, Feb 21/09 13. Amesh Adalja, "Remedial Lessons", Pittsburgh City Paper, Feb 25/09 14. Ari Armstrong, "No food stamp soup for you!", Denver Westworld, Feb 19/09. 15. Richard Watts, "Lincoln did not value unity above liberty", Rocky Mountain News, Feb 23/09. Note too that this list does not include web comments, letters to congressmen and other politicians, radio show call-ins, etc., all of which actively spread our message and advance our goals. (Disclaimer: All content listed herein is self-identified as "Objectivist", I have not vetted the content, nor do I necessarily agree with all of it.)

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