Saturday, January 31, 2009

January 2009 Compilation

Here's a list of January's published output by members of the OActivist list (most of whom have full-time jobs and only write when time permits): Editorials 1. Paul Hsieh, "Polis vs. Polis on Cars and Health Care", Boulder Daily Camera, Dec 28/08 2. Linn and Ari Armstrong, "Shut Down Corporate Welfare for Tourism", Grand Junction's Free Press, Jan 5/09 3. Richard Parker, "The "Federal Health Board:" Another Scheme to Ration Healthcare", Capitalism Magazine, Jan 6/09 4. Paul Hsieh, "Universal healthcare and the waistline police", Christian Science Monitor, Jan 7/09 5. Ray Niles, "More Regulation Will Only Make Things Worse", CFA Magazine Jan-Feb 2009 6. Ari Armstrong, "Independent Ideas: Free our beer", Colorado Daily, Jan 25/09 Citations or Links 1. Paul Hsieh editorial (4) on ABC News web site 2. Paul Hsieh editorial (4) on Instapundit 3. Paul Hsieh TOS article in the Washington DC Examiner 4. Paul Hsieh TOS article in the San Francisco Examiner Letters to the Editor 1. Amesh Adalja, "U.S. drug strategies wrong", Butler Eagle (PA), Dec 16/08 2. Paul Hsieh, "GOP's 'social conservatism' alienates young Republicans", Christian Science Monitor, Dec 17/08 3. Paul Hsieh, "Three Big Problems With Obama's Health-Care Plan", WSJ, Dec 21/08 4. Amesh Adalja, "Drug warfare", Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Dec 22/08 5. Brian Tinker, "Believes plan 'political pragmatism'", Stow Sentry, Dec 17/08 6. Brian Tinker, "Public-works plan oils squeaky wheel", Toledo Blade, Dec 22/08 7. Tim Peck, "Economic woes are the result of regulation and intervention", Asheville Citizen-Times, Dec 28/08 8. Amesh Adalja, "Decriminalize 2 drugs", Butler Eagle (PA), Dec 29/08 9. Amesh Adalja, "New approach is needed", Butler Eagle (PA), Dec 30/08 10. Amit Ghate, "End 'redistribution' scams", Orange County Register, Dec 31/08 11. Paul Hsieh, "'Concierge' model offers a free market solution", Baltimore Sun, Jan 2/09 12. Amesh Adalja, "U.S. not free-market nation", Butler Eagle (PA), Jan 6/09 13. Ari Armstrong, "Economic grief started with Hoover, not FDR", Denver Post, Jan 7/09 14. Gina Liggett, "Science adviser pick is pure politics", Rocky Mountain News, Jan 6/09 15. Richard Parker, "Health-care choice", Washington Times, Jan 12/09 16. Tim Peck, "Letʼs hear it for capitalism", Mountain Xpress, Jan 14/09 17. Amesh Adalja, "Drug war illogic", Pittsburgh Tribune Review, Jan 16/09 18. Joseph Kellard, "Rand attackers are usually gratuitous", Smokey Mountain News (NC), Jan 14/09 19. Amesh Adalja, "The U.S. isn't a true free-market system", Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Jan 19/09 20. John Cshmidley, "Presidents must defend our rights", Christian Science Monitor, Jan 22/09 21. Paul Hsieh, "Individual Responsibility", Colorado Springs Gazette, Jan 22/09 22. Amesh Adalja, "LTE", Pitt News, Jan 23/09 23. Roberto Sarrionandia, "LTE", UK Daily Telegraph, Jan 26/09 24. Sidney August Cammeresi, "Important moral question about evil of central banking", Dec 24/08 25. Roger Parian, "LTE", Savannah Morning News, Jan 30/09 26. Roberto Sarrionandia, "LTE", Welsh Mail, Jan 28/09 (Note that I've included a few items from Dec, but going forward there will be one post per month with only that month's publications listed.)

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