Sunday, June 7, 2009

May 2009 OActivist Compilation

Here's a list of May's published output by members of the OActivist list (most of whom have full-time jobs and only write when time permits): Editorials 1. Paul Hsieh, "Health Care Reform vs. Universal Health Care", PajamasMedia, May 05/09 2. Amit Ghate, "Questioning the Value of Regulation", Pajamas Media, May 6/09 3. Ari Armstrong, "Independent Ideas: Udall's credit controls punish the responsible", Colorado Daily, May 24/09 4. Linn and Ari Armstrong, ‘Invasion forces headed for Japan’, Grand Junction Free Press, May 25/09 Letters to the Editor 1. Rob Abiera, "Tea Parties and Selfishness", Oklahoma Gazette, May 6/09 2. Aquinas Heard, untitled, AJC, May 14/09 3. Amesh Adalja, Drug Opinion Correct, Butler Eagle, May 18/09. 4. Amesh Adalja, "Southern Hemisphere Influenza Vaccine in American Samoa?", Journal of Travel Medicine, May-June 2009 5. Henry Solomon, untitled, Barons, May 25/09 6. Amesh Adalja, Drug policy change needed, Butler Eagle, May 28/09 Note too that this list does not include web comments, letters to congressmen and other politicians, radio show call-ins, etc., all of which actively spread our message and advance our goals. (Disclaimer: All content listed herein is self-identified as "Objectivist", I have not vetted the content, nor do I necessarily agree with all of it.)

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